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    • All India Coordinate Research Projects (AICRP) on Irrigation Water Management

      The cost effective irrigation water management technologies have been developed through All India Coordinated Research Projects on Water Management and Groundwater Utilization sites spread over fourteen agro-ecological regions across the country. The achievements and technologies are ready for implementation and adoption with viable bankable criteria. Technology demonstration programs were held in different centres in the country. During XII plan, AICRP on Water Management and AICRP on Groundwater Utilization were merged together and operated with revised themes within the existing staff positions. The merged scheme to be renamed as AICRP on Irrigation Water Management (IWM) with adequate emphasis on surface water, groundwater and wastewater management. In order to cater to the future research needs on agricultural water management, it is essential to strengthen research facilities, information sharing facilities etc. at ICAR-IIWM and cooperating centres of the AICRP on Irrigation Water Management located in different parts of the country. This would provide the solutions to different problems concerning irrigation water management in different agro-ecological regions and geo-hydrological situations of the country.


      1. Assessment of surface and groundwater availability and quality at regional level and to evolve management strategies using Decision Support Systems (DDS) for matching water supply and demand in agricultural production systems.

      2. Design, development and refinement of surface and pressurized irrigation systems including small holders' systems for enhancing water use efficiency and water productivity for different agro-ecosystems.

      3. Management of rainwater for judicious use and to develop and evaluate groundwater recharge technologies for augmenting groundwater availability under different hydro-geological conditions.

      4. Basic studies on soil-water-plant-environment relationship under changing scenarios of irrigation water management.

      5. To evolve management strategies for conjunctive use of surface and groundwater resources for sustainable crop production.

      Centres emphasizng Research on Surface Water Management:-

      The scheme of AICRP on Water Management was transferred to the Institute on 1st April, 2002 from Patna. The water management centres till the merger were mostly catering to the surface water utilization and increasing water use efficiency under different canal commands and high rainfall areas. These centers are located in State Agricultural Universities and research institutes of ICAR in different agro-ecological regions of the country. Out of this, 21 centers are located in major and medium irrigation commands, 4 centers are located in hilly and high rainfall areas.

      Location of the centres emphasizing research on surface water utilisation

    • Centres emphasizing Resarch on Groundwater Utilization:-

      The Groundwater Utilization Scheme was transferred to this Institute on 18th Sept., 2003 from Patna. After the merger of the two schemes of AICRP, the Institute coordinates research progammes of 9 network centers which are located in SAUs and research institutes in different agro-ecological regions of the country.

      Location of the centres emphasizing on research on groundwater utilisation

    • Chief Scientist Meet of AICRP on IWM organised during 9th to 11th July 2019.

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