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  • Completed / Ongoing/ New In-house Projects

    • A. List of In-house Research Projects Completed during 2013-14

      Sl. No. Project Code Project Title PI Name


      Micro-catchment water harvesting in the rainfed ecosystem of humid region Dr. A. Mishra


      Assessment and development of water resources for diversified agriculture in waterlogged high rainfall area Dr. R.K. Panda
      3 DWM/09/143 Development of water and energy efficient integrated farming system model for the rainfed farmers Dr. S.K. Rautaray
      4 DWM/09/145 Sustainability of water Users associations (WAUs) and effect of participatory irrigation management (PIM) on agriculture and system performance. Dr. S .Ghosh
      5 DWM/09/146 Ground water modeling to determine the safe yield of coastal aquifer Mrs. R.R. Sethi
      6 DWM/09/148 Assessment of water logging and land use system in different coastal district of Orissa using remote sensing and GIS Dr. A.K. Nayak
      7 DWM/09/150 Ground water recharge guidelines for agro-ecological Region No. 8 with hard rock Geology.

      Dr. M. J. Kaledhonkar

    • B. List of In-house Ongoing Research Projects during 2013-14

      Sl. No. Project Code Project Title PI  Name
      1 DWM/10/147 Conservation agriculture practices in maize based cropping system with special emphasis on nutrient and water availability for the rainfed sub-humid agro-ecosystem. Dr. P.K. Panda
      2 DWM/11/151 Performance evaluation of drip irrigated mango           (Mangifera indica L) under deficit irrigation. Dr. S. Mohanty
      3 DWM/11/152 Impact of wastewater effluents on soil productivity constituents and its prospect of utilization in farming Dr. M. Das
      4 DWM/11/153 Effect of dry spell occurrence on reduction in paddy yield and optimum design of rain water harvesting structure for its mitigation Dr. S. Mohanty
      5 DWM/12/154 Extreme climate effects on major cropping systems of Odisha Dr. D. K. Panda
      6 DWM/12/155 Water budgeting in high value shrimp monoculture and carp poly culture under varying intensification levels Dr. R. K. Mohanty
      7 DWM/12/156 System of Rice Intensification: Studies on water management, micronutrient uptake and crop rotation Dr. A.K. Thakur
      8 DWM/12/157 Development of runoff recycling model for production and profit enhancement through alternate land and crop management practices. Dr. P.K. Panda
      9 DWM/12/158 Evaluating deficit irrigation under drip system for rice based cropping sequence in canal command area. Dr. P. Panigrahi
      10 DWM/12/159 Identification of suitable crops for wastewater irrigation Dr. Sachidulal Raychoudhari
      11 DWM/12/160 Development of Agricultural Water Management Portal (AWMP) Dr.A.K. Nayak
      12 DWM/12/161 Design and development of small filters for reducing undesirable substances in poor quality water at farmers level for safe irrigation in peri urban areas Dr. M. Raychoudhari
      13 DWM/12/162 Delineation of waterlogged areas in eastern India and formulating strategies for fitting in suitable crops and aquaculture through harnessing agro-biodiversity for enhancing water productivity Dr. Somanath Roy Chowdhury
      14 DWM/12/163 Eco-efficient agricultural practices for enhancing nutrient use efficiency of rice (Oriza Sativa) under waterlogged ecosystem. Dr. P.S.B. Anand 
      15 DWM/12/164 Development of technological options for comprehensive water resource management in non exploration zone (CRZ III) of coastal Odisha Mrs. R. R. Sethi
    • C. List of In-house New Research Project undertaken during 2013-14

      Sl. No. Project Title PI  Name
      1 Development of decision support system for conjunctive use of surface and ground water. Dr. O.P. Verma

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